Research Topics

  • Ontology-Based Data Integration
    • Unified Foundational Ontology
    • Ontology Engineering 
    • Spatial and Temporal Ontologies
  • Semantic Web
    • Semantic Web Stack RDF(S), OWL (2), SPARQL,
    • Expressive Queries to Semantic Web Ontologies, SPARQL-DL,
    • Annotated Information Search
  • Semantic Information Systems
    • Enterprise Java,
    • OO programming,
    • UML,
    • Web & mobile technologies, 
  • Linked Data & Open Data
    • Data Quality
    • Semantic Data Description


JB4JSON-LD 0.2.0 Released

We have just released a new version of JB4JSON-LD and its Jackson integration.

This version changes handling of references to existing objects. Instead of using plain strings, it now uses an object with a single attribute - the id.

So, for example, a reference to a previously serialized object would look in the previous and current version as follows:

In 0.1.1:

   "": ""

In 0.2.0 (current):

   "": {
"@id": ""

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