Research Topics

  • Ontology-Based Data Integration
    • Unified Foundational Ontology
    • Ontology Engineering 
    • Spatial and Temporal Ontologies
  • Semantic Web
    • Semantic Web Stack RDF(S), OWL (2), SPARQL,
    • Expressive Queries to Semantic Web Ontologies, SPARQL-DL,
    • Annotated Information Search
  • Semantic Information Systems
    • Enterprise Java,
    • OO programming,
    • UML,
    • Web & mobile technologies, 
  • Linked Data & Open Data
    • Data Quality
    • Semantic Data Description


This is a quick re-release which fixes a critical issue which surfaced in the JOPA Maven plugin. This issue concerned conflicting dependencies of the plugin and JOPA OWL2Java.

JOPA 0.9.14 has been just released. It is a maintenance build, containing one minor bugfix and some improvements regarding memory management. We are working hard on the Jena OntoDriver, which should be published in one of the upcoming releases. See JOPA's GitHub page.

Shortly after 0.2.0, version 0.2.1 has been released. It adds support for deserialization of blank node identifiers.

We have just released a new version of JB4JSON-LD and its Jackson integration. This version changes handling of references to existing objects. Instead of using plain strings, it now uses an object with a single attribute - the id. So, for example, a reference to a previously serialized object would look in the previous and current version as follows: In 0.1.1: { ...

We released first version of the OntoUML module for Modelio , supporting creation of OntoUML stereotypes in class diagrams.

The latest version of JOPA - 0.9.11 - has just been released into Maven central. The most notable changes are:   Finished implementation of support for result set mapping - EntityResult (Feature #7). Fixed issue with PostLoad lifecycle callbacks and listeners not being called for referenced entities (Bug #10). Improved performance of the getter/setter Aspect. This...

The ontology is aimed at describing the dataset exploration process and is available here .

A release of the Operational UFO 1.0.0 has been done. The ontology is documented using Widoco .

New version of JOPA has just been released. It brings partial implementation of an important feature - SPARQL result set mapping. At this moment, the mapping supports variable and constructor results. Constructor results are certainly more useful, since they allow one to map variable bindings from the result set to constructor parameters, so that data can be loaded from repository...

DDO has been extended towards Weakly Described Resources. See here.

Two of our libraries have been recently published in Maven central: JOPA - Java persistence layer for ontologies, available under group id cz.cvut.kbss.jopa , JB4JSON-LD - Java binding for JSON-LD, available under group id cz.cvut.kbss.jsonld . More info about both projects can be found on their respective pages here on the KBSS portal, or on Github under...

Prague will host three excellent events in the field of ontologies and semantic web: 12.9-13.9. - conference  Geoinformatics 2016 12.9-16.9. - intensive course on Ontology-based Conceptual Modeling by Giancarlo Guizzardi 21.9.-23.9. - conference KESW 2016 Come and see !

An international conference on knowledge engineering and semantic web is organized by the Knowledge-based and software systems group. The conference will take place 21-23 September 2016.

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