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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
624Study managerBugNewLowpatient record can be deleted/saved if logged out18.05.2018 11:59
622Study managerBugResolvedHighincorrect implementation of reducerTomáš Klíma08.05.2018 22:31
621Study managerBugResolvedHighadd warning for not supported browsersTomáš Klíma09.05.2018 20:20
620Study managerBugResolvedNormalinvitation email is not correctly encodedTomáš Klíma02.05.2018 19:23
619Study managerBugResolvedNormalpushing reset password button throws JS errorTomáš Klíma02.05.2018 20:05
618Study managerFeatureNewLowmake study manager name a configurable parameterMiroslav Blaško29.04.2018 23:35
617Study managerBugNewUrgentjopa validation constraint is somehow ignoredTomáš Klíma23.04.2018 13:57
615Study managerBugResolvedNormalbetter message should be logged to RDF4J server on authentication failure23.04.2018 10:42
608Study managerBugNewUrgentLogin failed20.04.2018 15:58
607Study managerFeatureResolvedNormalhistory filter should use contains instead of direct matchTomáš Klíma22.04.2018 12:29
606Study managerBugResolvedLowremoval of multiple patient record does not work propertyTomáš Klíma20.04.2018 15:58
604Study managerBugResolvedNormalsecurity constraints for rest controller are insufficientTomáš Klíma11.05.2018 17:39
603Study managerBugResolvedNormalit should not be possible to create doctor without institutionTomáš Klíma22.04.2018 09:05
601Study managerBugResolvedNormalintegrate tests from the branch java-testsTomáš Klíma23.04.2018 09:48
600Study managerBugResolvedUrgentCC and BCC should be applied only in important casesTomáš Klíma18.04.2018 21:47
597Study managerBugNewLowmessages are shown outside the screenTomáš Klíma18.04.2018 14:35
496Study managerFeatureNewLowsupport for ctr+c ctrl+v in questions with dates06.09.2017 01:32

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