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On Tuesday 30th April 2024, our former reesearch grou leader Petr Křemen was leading an open mic session inspired by his work for his new employer – Cognity. His presentation was focused on the access control in the various RDF databases.


The adoption of RDF databases for enterprise transactional data is evolving. A significant barrier to wider use is the inadequate access control mechanisms. Many RDF databases allow you to restrict access to everything or nothing at all. However, finer control is often necessary, such as limiting access to a specific named graph or even an individual RDF triple. In the presentation we explore several access control options that current RDF databases provide.

The presentation takeaways

There are three basic access control mechanisms. In the speech there is a comparison of various RDF databases according to the access control mechanisms. The more datailed view is focused on the two most popular RDF stores: GraphDB and Startdog.

The presentation slides are available at this link.