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On Friday 10th November speaker Max Chopart talked about the Design Science. Video and presentation included.

The abstract

Design Science is an approach used in fields like information systems, computer science, and engineering to tackle complex real-world problems by creating innovative solutions or artifacts. It involves problem identification, iterative design and development, rigorous evaluation, effective communication of findings, and reflection for improvement. Design Science Methodology is essential for generating practical and innovative solutions in various domains, emphasizing the development and evaluation of artifacts to address specific needs and challenges.

In this presentation, we explored the core principles of Design Science, a carefully crafted method designed for effective problem-solving. Picture it as a step-by-step journey: first, pinpoint the problem; then, devise a solution; ensure its effectiveness; put it into action, and finally, evaluate its impact. To make these concepts more relatable, we used a detailed case study, employing a practical example to illustrate how Design Science can be applied in the real world to solve complex challenges across various domains.

The case study acted as a tangible demonstration of Design Science’s adaptability and practicality, demonstrating how this methodology goes beyond theoretical frameworks to provide a hands-on approach for creating innovative solutions. By navigating through the problem-solving cycle, Design Science emerges as a dynamic and impactful tool, offering a structured pathway for generating tangible outcomes that resonate in diverse fields. This presentation aimed to emphasize the versatility of Design Science as a robust method capable of addressing complex real-world challenges and delivering solutions that hold up under practical scrutiny.

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