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The Open mic session starts on Friday 27nd October 2023 at 9:30 at this link. Speaker Bogdan Kostov introduces the topic of Planning Aircraft Revisions Based on Work Session Records.

The abstract

In order to operate aircraft safely maintenance is required [1]. During aircraft maintenance the mechanics investigate the state of the aircraft and replace worn or damaged parts and equipment in order to reduce the risk of failure during operation. Aircraft maintenance in civil aviation is organized in maintenance blocks or revisions which are packages of maintenance tasks. How often which task should be performed is specified in aircraft maintenance manuals (AMM) provided by the aircraft manufacturer. An aircraft revision could contain hundreds of non trivial maintenance tasks. Therefore, planning of aircraft revisions is not an easy task and it might lead to inadequate deadline predictions. In order to learn and improve from previous aircraft revisions maintenance companies document aircraft revisions. This presentation will be on the topic of automated planning of aircraft revisions based on historical work session records. This includes describing the analysis of the input data, i.e. the work session records, the current algorithm to schedule tasks automatically and validation of created schedules. Finally he will discuss future work on how to try to improve the existing automated planning algorithm.

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