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Miro Blaško - Developing RDF-based data processing pipelines using SPipes

On the 25th November, speaker Miroslav Blaško took presentation called Developing RDF-based data processing pipelines using SPipes.

SPipes (https://github.com/kbss-cvut/s-pipes) (Semantic data pipelines) is RDF-based scripting language based on SPARQL motion. It defines data pipelines in the form of an acyclic oriented graph of modules expressed in RDF. Concrete modules are implemented typically in Java while executions of modules are parametrized within RDF. The goal of the session is to explain strong and weak parts of the language. Moreover, it also containes practical tips on how to develop and deploy SPipes pipelines using SPipes engine that was developed at KBSS.

SPipes model

This may be considered an ultimate tutorial on working with SPipes.

The text presentation is available at this link.