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The Open mic session starts on Friday 12th May 2023 at 10:30 at this link. Speaker Martin Ledvinka opens the topic of SHACL-based object-ontological mapping.

The abstract

The Java OWL Persistence API (JOPA) is by now a production-proven persistence library for Semantic Web-based information systems. A logic-based formalism exists for its OWL (2)-based object-ontological mapping, which uses integrity constraints with closed-world semantics. However, OWL integrity constraints never gained much traction in the industry, so most of the JOPA-based object models are written by hand and rely only on the runtime validation provided by the library itself.

SHACL is a W3C standard for defining and validating integrity constraints on RDF graphs. Supporting SHACL-based object-ontological mapping would greatly improve the capabilities of JOPA. This talk will discuss preliminary findings on how to define such a mapping in a formal way.

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