Open mic session is an activity going on irregularly every other week. A KBSS team member or a guest presents an interesting topic to the rest of the team and anyone willing to listen.

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Records and content of past Open mic sessions:

Lessons Learned from the Last Aviation Project

1 minute read

On Friday 31st April 2024, our research group leader Miroslav Blaško discussed in an open mic session the lessons learned from the latest aviation project, w...

How to Control Access to Enterprise Linked Data

less than 1 minute read

On Tuesday 30th April 2024, our former reesearch grou leader Petr Křemen was leading an open mic session inspired by his work for his new employer – Cognity....

Git Team Workflow

1 minute read

This two-part presentation discussed best practices for using Git in a team project.

Widoco and its alternatives

3 minute read

The presentation discussed the documentation generators and visualization tools for RDF data and ontologies.

Debugging SPARQL queries through algebra

less than 1 minute read

The talk will explore a few perplexing examples of SPARQL queries, illustrating how the translation can be used to understand/debug such queries.

Design Science

1 minute read

Design Science is an approach used in fields like information systems, computer science, and engineering to tackle complex real-world problems by creating in...

Updating Data from External Data Source View

less than 1 minute read

Data integration is one of the common problems occurring in modern distributed applications. Data integration is a problem where data needs to be integrated ...

Giving Semantics to Web Services with JSON-LD

less than 1 minute read

JSON-LD allows providing context with data published by REST services. This talk introduces JB4JSON-LD - a library for mapping Java objects to JSON-LD.

Project management in IT

1 minute read

IT project management is a complex process that involves coordinating the efforts of multiple people, often working remotely and across different departments...

RDF support for Jekyll

1 minute read

Jekyll RDF is a plugin for Jekyll allowing rendering static web based on the RDF file. This Open mic introduces the basis of installation and usage of the Je...

Variables and Environment in Docker

less than 1 minute read

Docker has changed the way applications are built and run. However, one of the frequent pain points for newcomers is configuration of the containers - what a...

AI-powered completion in IDEs

less than 1 minute read

In this session taht took place on Friday 7th October, Matěj Kulich introduced an overview of the AI-powered completion tools with the main focus on GitHub C...

Towards Using SForms for Ontology Engineering

less than 1 minute read

On Friday 1th July at 10:30 an open Mic session took place. The topic was "Towards Using SForms for Ontology Engineering". Video and presentation included.

Tooling and workflow for JavaScript libraries

less than 1 minute read

On Friday 10th June at 10:30 an open Mic session took place. The topic was "Tooling and workflow for JavaScript libraries". Recording and presentation is inc...

Jobs to be done in Open Mic Session

less than 1 minute read

On Friday 13th May at 10:30 an open Mic session took place. The topic was "Jobs to be Done". Video and presentation included.